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SDP are specialists in the field of woodworm treatment and damp proofing.

SDP provide specialist treatments for rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, dry and wet rot, structural waterproofing and cavity wall ties. Excessive moisture within a building from either internal condensation or intrusion from outside will eventually cause damp problems in a property. The longer dampness is left untreated the greater the chance of other problems such as wet or dry rot.

SDP also treat wood boring insects and the damage they cause. Woodworm is a generic term for several species of wood-boring insects that can infest, eat & damage wooden items & structural timbers within buildings.

SDP offers specialist woodworm, rot & damp surveys to homebuyers of any style & age of property.

So….. give SDP a call on 0114 4387536 for a FREE Home Consultation today.