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A lovingly restored wood floor really adds depth and warmth to a room, and enhances the natural beauty of your home.

The diversity and style of Sheffield homes is such that there are many real wood floors lurking beneath carpeting, lino or tiles. Now is the time to return your floor to its former glory as well as adding significant value to your home. A fully restored wood floor is easy to maintain and will keep its pristine good looks for many years to come. Your beautifully restored dining or living room will be a real talking point with guests and a source of pride for you.

Whilst it is honest to say that the sanding of wooden floors can be carried out by homeowners with some DIY skills , the process can be very hard work and messy , to achieve the wooden floor you dream of can often only be achieved by calling a professional , with whom you can discuss your flooring requirements making an informed decision, knowing they have the experience to deliver your expectations.

Please call SDP to arrange for a free quote at your property.