7 ways that you can make the most of small spaces in your home…

7 ways that you can make the most of small spaces in your home…

Many people think that smaller houses and rooms mean that you have to sacrifice on style in order to have a functional space, but this isn’t necessarily true. At Steven James we can work around most spaces, and create a bespoke design masterpiece to make your house, a home that you can enjoy being in, and enjoy presenting to other people. So, here’s 7 ways that you can make the most of small spaces in your home…

1) Create zones

Have fun with your space, while keeping it orderly and tidy. It’s easy to have things strewn everywhere, but creating zones can be a great way to maximise the space you’ve got.

Create an office space with a small laptop table like in this picture, and use a sofa bed to make the room a makeshift bedroom for those unplanned guests.

2) Invest in furniture that can change

Multi-use furniture was created with high rise, small studio apartments in mind. Nowadays they’re used in most houses that want to create an open space, that’s both decorative and useful. A foldaway dining table with wall mounted chairs can save a whole room worth of space in a kitchen. This is a brilliant solution if there’s only two of you living at home, but you often have visitors.

3) Use light

Light is a great way to make small places look bigger, natural light is great to reflect from surfaces like mirrors as it makes places look lighter and more airy. No-one likes a dark and dingy space, light adds depth and a feel of cleanliness.

4) Speaking of mirrors – have plenty

Mirrors, like light, create the illusion of more space. It reflects whatever room you’re in, creating almost a 5th dimension to the room.

5) Keep clutter away

It’s especially important within a small space to keep clutter free. A kitchen is the easiest place to keep clutter free, as brands like IKEA, Lakeland, and M&S, have created umpteen products and gadgets to save you space, without sacrificing on style. Think stacking mugs, wall mounted pots and pans, and more! The sky’s the limit.

6) more plants than the botanical gardens

Plants are a brilliant decorative tool, as they don’t take up much space, but can add a lot of dynamic colour to your room. Window boxes are a fantastic way to spruce up the outside of your house too, especially if space inside is really tightly limited.

7) Keep accessories to a minimum

As easy as it can be to over buy, remember that if there’s two people living in your home, you need a maximum of 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 mugs etc. Overbuying leads to clutter and dust gathering on things you’ll never use.