Kitchens of the future!

Kitchens of the future!

Here at Steven James, we pride ourselves on designing and providing timeless, bespoke kitchens that you’ll love in your home for years. We don’t like to follow trends, rather follow our own unique, bespoke design vision to achieve your dream kitchen. However, we know how important it is to stay up to date with how the world of design, and kitchens are going. So we’ve been considering kitchens of the future! Kitchens that still remain true to your design vision, but are equipped to handle the evolution of technology and design. Here’s some wonderful examples to show you so that you can get some inspiration for your new bespoke kitchen (and because we like to show off our work!)


If you’ve read any of our other blog posts, then you’ve probably seen this kitchen before, and that’s simply because we’re super proud of it! The modern sleek design, combined with stainless steel appliances make this a kitchen of the future! Looks great now, and will in years to come. Plus, with all that stainless steel, the appliances will last the test of time too.


You may have seen this kitchen before too, and that’s because we’re blown away by how much we got into this space. A living room, dining room, and full kitchen, all in one large room with sky-lights! The future is all about going green, and being renewable, so they’re a great place to start to cut down on energy used from light bulbs. The kitchen has the same stainless steel appliances, but is also complete with a wine fridge, meaning it’s perfect for a young couple, as it can suit their young taste with the built in oven and hobs, but also as they mature with the wine fridge, and american fridge-freezer (not pictured, we’re stood next to it when we took this photo)

3)Steven James Interior Design Sheffield

This kitchen uses its counter tops, AND it’s appliances to equip itself for the future. This kitchen contains granite counter tops, which are super sturdy, and really easy to clean. Mixed with white, this creates a monochromatic, yet textured design which will last and last in this home for years.


This kitchen combines all the benefits of what we’ve shown you so far, sturdy granite work tops, stainless steel appliances, and a neutral colour scheme that can be dressed up with personal accessories. However, this kitchen also features stylish pendant lamps, meaning that the shades can easily be changed, as well as the bulbs, meaning the style, and the lighting can be changed without the need to change anything else in the kitchen. Consider adding LED bulbs for the ultimate future proof kitchen!

So, if you’ve got some inspiration, and want to build a kitchen that will stand the test of time, give us a call on 0114 321 1861 to get started.