6 tips to help a smaller kitchen, feel bigger

Sheffield is a thriving city, with many established and up and coming businesses. We’re one of the greenest cities in Europe, and are famous for our steel. However, most of Sheffield’s homes were built smaller to allow for more workers, and more affordable homes for all. This doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice on our style. Here’s 6 of our best tips to help a smaller kitchen, feel bigger…

1) Make the most of the walls, build up the cupboards

Steven James Interior Design Sheffield

This kitchen has used almost all of the wall spaces for cupboards and shelf space, meaning that they can store more, and fit more in to their small kitchen space. These cabinets allow for appliances, food, and storing pots and pans that aren’t used regularly. They’ve even managed to fit their dining table in with the space they have left from not having extra cabinets or an island space.

2) Maximise the eat-in area

Steven James

If your home doesn’t have space for a separate dining room, and you need to put the table in the kitchen, an island or a bar can be an excellent solution. This adds a modern, city twist to your property, and even can add extra counter space when not being used, which a separate dining table would not give!

3) Accesorise efficiently and thoughtfully

With a smaller kitchen, design and appearance can often be forgotten through need of utility. This isn’t needed, a smaller kitchen can be stylish too. Decorating with open shelves, or tiles is a great way to add decoration and personal touch to a smaller kitchen, but remember not to go crazy, you need to use your kitchen above all. This kitchen has used a blue paint/cream tile contrast, as well as textiles, and coloured pots to decorate and add personal splashes of colour to the room.

4) Be repetitive

Steven James

Sticking to one design in a smaller kitchen is important so as to not disjoin the kitchen. Having one colour scheme will allow the room to flow and appear more open. Having differences, would split up and already smaller space, into lots of very small spaces, defeating the objective.

5) Conceal bump out walls

Steven James

Walls that bump out can break up an already small room. This kitchen (although large) is a good example of using one of these bumps to an advantage. They’ve installed a plug, and placed appliances either side to create a purpose for the bump, and make it look like a part of the kitchen.

6) Experiment with cabinet colours

Steven James Interior Design Sheffield

Although not physically affecting the space, having all white cabinets, although on trend, can appear cold and clinical, mixing that with wood effect counters or cupboard doors can bring the room together and make it feel bigger.

Using all of these points, you can make even the smallest kitchen stylish and unique to you. Call Steven James on 0114 438 7536 to start work on the kitchen of your dreams, no matter the size.