Renovating your kitchen? Consider these things first…

Renovating your kitchen? Consider these things first…

Renovating a kitchen is an exciting time for most, it’s the time where you can take full design control over the most used room in your house, and the true heart of the home. Whilst it’s good to be excited, we need to try and remain calm and make rational and practical decisions.  So if you’re getting ready to renovate your kitchen with us, you should consider these things first.

First and foremost, function.

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Whilst we all want a stylish kitchen, it’s important to remember the integral part of one, it’s function. Think about the efficiency, and about how you actually use your kitchen space. After construction, you want to be able to navigate your kitchen and cook easily. The best formation for an oven, fridge and sink is in a triangle formation, as this leaves plenty of space between the appliances to address guests, prepare food, and clean up.

light it up

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Don’t just rely on natural light in the kitchen, you might be cooking late at night, or fancy a midnight snack, and in a new bespoke kitchen you’ll be that home proud that you’ll want to host lots of dinner parties (if not, just to show off!). Make this possible by adding feature lights, it not only creates light, but is also great at creating a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere. Lights can be fitted above counters, or as pendant lights above counter islands.

The oven is a statement piece

Your oven will be, without a doubt, the most used appliance in the kitchen. Make a statement of it, it’s said that the oven is the designer handbag of the kitchen, and you should dress it accordingly. A hood for your oven will also help with ventilation, and reducing odours from cooking.

Counter tops are the most important part

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Your counter tops will take a lot of beating, from knives, food, hot pans and trays, the counter tops take a bit of abuse in the kitchen. We think that countertops should always be durable and built to last, so an investment in them is worthwhile, but also, make sure you have enough counter space. It’s important to have enough space to 1) cook and prepare a meal, 2) leave pots to soak, and 3) have small appliances out such as kettles and microwaves. An island is a fantastic way to create a multitude more counter space in larger rooms, whereas an L shaped kitchen is fantastic for smaller rooms.

Here at Steven James, we can help you consider all of this and more from start to finish. It’s always better to go with the professionals with a big decision like this. Give us a call on 0114 321 1861 to get started on your dream kitchen!