Green kitchens? No… Really… Green Kitchens!

Green kitchens? No… Really… Green Kitchens!

Designing a kitchen in the 21st century is mostly about style and look, with little consideration for the practicalities, but have you considered our mother earth? Using little eco-friendly kitchen design tips and tricks, you can help to reduce the impact on mother earth, without sacrificing on style or appearance. After all, mother knows best!

1) Build within an orangery, or incorporate sky lights for natural lighting


Living without the need for lights for the majority of the day is not only good for the environment, but can help to reduce headaches and migraines too. Flood a room with natural light, leaving only need for feature lights. This saves on electricity, and adds a grand, luxe feature to your home. Win win situation. Even better, in the feature light spots, use LED and energy saving bulbs, to further shrink that energy bill.

2) Get a boiling water tap

Save money and even more electricity with a boiling water tap. Save space and energy by not having a kettle, and have boiling hot water on demand straight from your tap. Boiling water is boiled ready in the morning when you turn it on, and then is ready for use whenever you need. A boiling water tap boils water once, and then keeps it hot using thermal technology. This saves more energy than flicking a kettle on whenever you feel like a cuppa!

3) Wash smart

Getting bigger appliances leaves more space inside of them, meaning they’ll rack up less of an energy bill! If you go for a bigger dishwasher, you can fit more in before doing a wash. Although a bigger investment in the first place, you’ll save money, and time, and it will be better for the environment in the long run with less water and electricity required.

With the help of Steven James, we can create a kitchen together that’s stylish, modern, and tailor made to you, whilst also being green and reducing your carbon footprint. Call us on 0114 438 7536 to get started on your dream kitchen.